* Independence Day
* Happy Muharam
* Fashion Show
* Kartini's Day
* Science Fair
* Playing Angklung
* Nutrient Day
* Manasik Hajj
* Brushing Teeth
* Sholat Berjamaah (every friday)
* Learning the Holly Quran with Iqro System


* Biking
* Swimming at Aladin (Grand Depok City) 6x/year
* Doctor Visit (3X/tahun
* Watching Education Movie
* Story Telling
* English Club (4x/month)
* Math Club
* Drawing Club (4x/month)
* Cooking Club (1x/month)
* Computer Club (4x/month)
* Outing To Kidzania for Kindergarten (1x/year)
* Study Tour for Playgroup (1x/year)
* Field Trip for Playgroup (1x/year)
* Outbound for both kindergarten and playgroup
* Goes to Bank Syariah Mandiri for saving student account*
* Goes to Modern Market*
* Goes to Post Office**

*   (1x/year only for kindergarten all level)
** (1x/year only for kindergarten level b)

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PG/ TK SMART BEE - Children Education

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Based on Islamic system. We commit to be partner for parents to provide educated play ground for their beloved children. Contact us: Jl.Danau Maninjau Raya No.221, Ph 62-21-7712280/99484811 cp. SARI DEWI NURPRATIWI, S.Pd